Zac Efron Debuts Dreads & Gets SLAMMED For Cultural Appropriation

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Zac Efron has people across social media flipping out over a photo he posted on Thursday of his brand new hairstyle: dreadlocks. He captioned the photo QUOTE, “Just for fun” but a lot of his followers definitely weren’t here for the fun.

One user commented QUOTE, “So my culture is “fun” for you now…oh okay” another said, “I’ve got an idea – let’s start the White People Quit Having Dreadlocks Challenge” and one more joked QUOTE, “Why do white people always wanna loc their hair knowing damn well it’s gonna look like the grinch’s fingers???”

In a more thought out response, one user explained QUOTE, “It’s cultural appropriation because black people are condemned for wearing this style but if he wears it everyones gonna say how cool he looks, thats why he shouldn’t wear them”

And, of course, with any drama comes the backlash on Twitter, but a majority of fans aren’t angry, they’re just sad. One person tweeted QUOTE, “putting my money where my mouth is and this is hard for me to say (trust me) But Zac Efron is canceled. I have to find a new boo now. Sigh.”

The other side to this coin are the people defending Zac. One person commented, “Anyone can get dreadlocks if they want to, why does it have to be racist or offensive? Love it Zac” and another saying QUOTE, “dreds does not relate to race or color it relates to rastafarianism and culture and way of life… And there’s nothing wrong with trying something new”

So guys what are your opinions on all this? Let us know in the comments below!

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