What Caused TanaCon To Fail in Mere Hours

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If you haven’t heard, what was supposed to be one of the biggest weekend celebrating content creators at TanaCon actually ended up being a huge disaster!

We all know Tana Mojo has held a grudge against VidCon for a while now. In the past, Tana wasn’t given a special meet and greet area at Vicdcon or a partner pass so in spite of VidCon, Tana decided to throw her own convention called TanaCon2018. Tickets to Tana Con were free and fans were given the option to purchase “feature fucking creator” tickets for around 40 to 60 dollars and Tana had tweeted out that they had sold around 5,000 tickets. Tana also had some big YouTube stars signed up to attend the event like Shane Dawson, Bella Thorne, The Gabbie Show. And as you guys can imagine, advertising for a free event with hose big names in attendance was basically a recipe for disaster. Even though Tana was selling 5,000 tickets for the weekend, various sources said 15,000 extra unregistered guests showed up wanting to get in. And many are pointing fingers at Tana for encouraging all those people to come because she was tweeting fans to roll through because the event was QUOTE “free.” TanaCon was held across the stress from Vidcon at The Marriot Suites in Anaheim California and when door opened, all the people waiting outside were put into one line regardless if they had a ticket or not. A lot of people baked in the sun waiting for 4-5 hours take a look at this video a twitter user took of the line:

Things weren’t looking that great inside either because the whole venue consisted of a single hallway and ballroom and not much to actually do. As you can imagine people who paid for tickets to Tanacon were outraged. One user tweeted “I wasted 150 dollars on #tanacon , it’s one hallway, one big concert room, and no activities. No creators are walking around like promised. We stood outside for 4 hours, just to be treated like animals.” With other fans uploading videos to youtube talking about their bad experience like these two girls who got sunburned waiting in line!

On top of all that the goodie bags for VIP were apparently a fail as well. One guest told Buzzfeed News QUOTE “There was supposed to be a goodie bag for VIP with lots of stuff when in reality it was just stickers and a condom” with then another person tweeting “i literally paid $70 for a condom #tanacon” You guys I can’t make this stuff up. Videos even surfaced of people yelling refund:

At 2pm the fire marshall actually shut the convention down because there were too many people in attendance creating a fire hazard. And even more people uploaded videos of people being escorted out by security including one of Tana who was shouting I love you to fans as she was being escorted:

Tana and The Good Times Team promised people on Friday the event would be moved to a larger venue the next day to accommodate more people but then Good Times ultimately cancelled the event. Of course almost every one you know I’m sure took to social media to give their two cents on the whole situation and a lot of the YouTube community spoke out against Tana saying she should have been more responsible in planning the event.

Alright guys I have to turn it over to you now. What are your thoughts on TanaCon 2018 being a complete fail? Let me know all your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below and the when you’re done with that over here to watch another breaking news story and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels! I’m on IG @nazperez and I’ll see you guys next time!

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