VidCon Founder APOLOGIZES To Tana Mongeau For Past Unfair Treatment

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YouTube star Tana Mongeau created her own version of VidCon this year called TanaCon after being slighted by the convention in 2017. VidCon went back on their promise to make Tana a “Featured Creator” at the event which led to restricted access and no security. As you know, TanaCon went up in flames due to poor organization and overselling tickets. VidCon founder and former CEO Hank Green has now apologized for how the convention treated Tana in the past and took full responsibility for his actions.

Hank left a lengthy comment on Shane Dawson’s final video in his trilogy where he investigates what went wrong with TanaCon. Hank’s statement starts off reading, “In 2017, I 100% screwed up. Tana was part of our content, and not making her a featured creator was a bad call.” Hank goes on to explain the reason VidCon decided not to make Tana a Featured Creator was due to some of her explicit content in the past. He says they should have either had her there or not… instead of “that shitty in-between thing.” Hank makes it clear that he believes TanaCon was NOT his fault, but that he did make a mistake in his treatment of Tana. Hank continues writing QUOTE, “Running events is hard. Making them safe and fun is hard. Watching the event that Good Times put on devolve into a dangerous situation was not fun or pleasant for me or the VidCon team. It was inexcusable and terrifying and we’re all lucky it didn’t go much worse.” Hank ended his statement with a clear apology, “I’m really sorry I screwed up.”

So far, we aren’t aware of a response from Tana on Hank’s apology. Tana cites her production company, Good Times Productions, at fault for the disastrous event. The good news is that the company is issuing full refunds to the five thousand people that paid $65 for a ticket to the event.

So what do you guys think of Hank’s apology? Do you think Tana should accept it? And do you think we’ll see Tana show up to VidCon next year? Get typing on those thoughts below. As always thanks for watching! Click on over here to the right to watch another breaking news video and don’t forget to hit that subscribe as well. I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr, and I’ll catch you next time.

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