Taylor Swift Wears Snakeskin Backpack On #NationalSnakeDay & Shades Kim Kardashian

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Taylor Swift wore a snakeskin backpack on National Snake Day and Swifties lost their minds. They also took the opportunity to bark at Kim Kardashian.
Does anyone else smell the pettiness in the air?

Taylor Swift was spotted wearing a snakeskin Kate Spade backpack in New York City today while also clad in a custom romper made from the same fabric as one of the outfits she wears in her “Look What You Made Me Do” music video all on the two year anniversary of National Snake Day aka the day Kim Kardashian dragged Taylor on Twitter for dragging Kanye.

In case you need a refresher on what happened, two years ago Kim K tweeted – “Wait it’s legit National Snake Day?!?!? They have holidays for everybody, I mean everything these days.” She tweeted this because she was upset about Taylor painting Kanye as a bad guy for calling her a bitch in his song Famous where he says – “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous.” According to Taylor, she never gave him permission to call her a bitch and requested to hear the song before it was completed but allegedly she never heard it. Therefore everyone started to come for Kanye and he was deemed the bad guy for hurting Taylor. So because Kim was sick of everyone demonizing her husband for air quotes disrespecting Taylor without her permission, Kim posted receipts of a private phone call on Snapchat between Kanye and Taylor in which it sounded as though Taylor approved of the lyrics. Aka she wanted the world to know what really happened.

Since then, Taylor has returned to the spotlight using the “snake” label to her advantage. It’s been used to promote her tour and in tons of imagery and props in the production. She even took it as far as to make a statement onstage during her stop in Arizona saying QUOTE – “You might be wondering why there are so many snakes everywhere [on stage], huh? A couple of years ago, someone called me a snake on social media and it caught on … and I went through some really low times for a while because of it. I wanted to send a message to you guys that if someone uses name-calling to bully you on social media, and even if a lot of people jump on board with it, that doesn’t have to defeat you. It can strengthen you instead.”

Now that I’ve caught you up to speed, let’s get back to Taylor wearing the snakeskin backpack on the two year anniversary of her dragging. Fans have flocked to Twitter to voice their thoughts. One person wrote – “Taylor wearing a snake backpack two years after being called a snake by the internet 2 years ago is the power move we all needed.” Others took the opportunity to take jabs at Kim K writing – “Today marks 2 years since Kim’s infamous tweet, but I just found out she didn’t even tweet it on the actual correct National snake day, rats can’t get anything right. #TaylorSwiftWonParty.” Another said – “#KimApologizeToTaylor you shamed a woman for doing nothing but living her own life and many death threats and online bullying ‘jokes’ ensued. As a grown woman you should apologize for causing the hate that taylor swift has been receiving from late 2017 to present day.”

OK. Im gonna leave it at that. I’m gonna stay out of this, but I think it’s safe to say that no one was “innocent” in this situation. Anywho, what do you guys think about Taylor wearing a snakeskin backpack on the two year anniversary of being called a snake? Also what do you think about the hashtags that were started including #KimApologizeToTaylor and #TaylorSwiftWonParty. Adorable. Sound off in the comment section below. I’m your host Drew Dorsey. Thanks for watching! Please Click to the right to watch another new Video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels.

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