Taylor Swift FIRES Reputation Tour Dancer Over Sexist Instagram Stories

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A backup dancer for Taylor named Toshi got called out for some extremely offensive and sexist Instagram stories, and Tay has since fired him. A source from the Daily Mail explained of her decision to axe Toshi, who’s been with her since her 1989 Tour, QUOTE, “She has considered him one of her closest friends on the road after recruiting him for her 1989 tour back in 2014. But she simply cannot endorse this behavior and to do so would be setting a bad example to her fans.”

So just how bad WERE these posts? Well, one of the stories Toshi posted was about Australia’s national women’s soccer team, who lost a match to the country’s under-15 boys team. Toshi shared a post of the women’s defeat along with the caption, “Back to the kitchen.” In another and genuinely disturbing post, Toshi shared a meme featuring a blanket, an unmarked van, an image of a bottle of chloroform and a picture of the woods which was captioned, “Every girl’s weakness.” We don’t care who you are or who you dance for, it’s never okay to make a joke about sexual assault. And those are just a couple of the posts that lead to Toshi’s firing.

Taylor’s fans were absolutely outraged at the posts, with one fan Tweeting QUOTE, “Can you even fathom @taylorswift13 hiring you AND giving you $50k for your sick nephew and then disrespecting women and sexual assault as if pouring salt in her wounds? Like yikes Toshi. You did something bad.” Another commented QUOTE, “So disappointed in @taylorswift13’s dancer, Toshi. RAPE jokes are never cool or funny. Misogyny isn’t entertaining either. Really wish he’d just delete instead of defending it.”

Since getting fired, Toshi turned his Instagram page private, but not before defending his posts, writing QUOTE, “If you can’t take a joke, this isn’t the page for you.”

Well to that we’ll just say, if you can’t be respectful to women, Taylor Swift’s Reputation isn’t the tour for you.

Okay guys now I wanna hear what YOU think of Toshi getting fired — do you think Tay did the right thing? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts, and after that click right over here to see a radio DJ get slammed for telling Taylor to take a shower after a recent show. And be sure to hit that subscribe button for more Clevver News! Thanks so much for watching, I’m your girl Renee Ariel and I’ll see you next time!

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