Taylor Swift Celebrates Selena Gomez’s Birthday With ADORABLE Message

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Selena Gomez celebrates her birthday on one coast, while a birthday party is happening for her on a different coast. Let me explain…

Let them eat cake, said Taylor Swift when she saw it was her best friend’s birthday.

Yesterday was Selena Gomez’s birthday. That’s right. Our Mexican American, Barney dinosaur loving, Lupus fighting, pop singing, hopeless romantic, beautiful and intelligent Selena Marie Gomez has roamed the Earth for 26 years as of July 22nd. Cancers unite! And Taylor Swift might just be as obsessed with Selena as anyone could be. They are best friends for life. Now, what do you do when you best friend’s is turning 26 but you’re thousands of miles away on tour preparing for a show in Jersey, and flying back for the celebration is not a feasible option. You do what any cat obsessed, baking loving, thoughtful best friend would do. You bake her a HELL of a birthday cake, post a pic of it on your Instagram story, and then eat it with your cats. That’s basically with Taylor did. In honor of her best friend’s birthday, T-swizzle baked this hella impressive cake covered in pink frosting with a giant 26 in the middle. But check out the writing on the cake. Gomez or go home! How freaking CUTE is that?! And how clever?! One V, not 2. Swift then wrote across her Instagram Story of the cake, “Will I let distance stop me from celebrating my best friend’s bday?” “I MEAN I COULD BUT WHY WOULD I WANT 2.” Boom. Birthday cake without the birthday girl is now a thing. Meanwhile, Sellie Sel was enjoying her own birthday soiree across the continent on the West Coast. She and her crew spent her birthday in California as Grace VanderWaal posted pics to Instagram of Selena’s surprise birthday party, which involved cupcakes decorated with “Happy Birthday, Selena” spelled out in blue icing. Lucky girl, getting cake on BOTH coasts. The squad went out for lunch together on Saturday, before seeing VanderWaal open for Imagine Dragons in concert. Then Sel and her ladies spent the rest of the weekend on a yacht in Newport Beach California catching sun and drinking champagne. Not a bad birthday, I must say.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift after baking a cake from scratch for her BFF and decorating it with icing like a pro on Netflix’s Nailed It, then went off to SLAY her concert in Jersey. It rained and poured throughtout the whole show and Tay Tay didn’t miss a beat, singing and dancing all 19 songs on her set list despite the torrential down pour, the slippery stage floor, shivering in her soaked clothes, hair wet and make up and mascara dripping down her face. But she didn’t care. Because the show must go on. You guys, I think the conclusion here is character. You have to be an excellent caliber human to inspire your friends to bake you a birthday cake when you’re not even there. You also have to be an excellent caliber human to BAKE said cake when you’re one of the busiest people on the planet and you refuse to cut your show short despite the possibility of pneumonia. These are amazing women and role-models for us all. Happy birthday to Selena. And Tay, how about some of that cake? Alright, your turn. What are your thoughts on all the adorableness I just broke down? Comment below. If you like cake and puppies and world peace then naturally the next step is for you to follow me on my Insta @Miriam_isa. @Miriamisa on Twitter. Thanks for watching! Please Click to the right to watch another new Video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels. I’m Miriam Isa. See you soon!

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