Tana Mongeau’s TanaCon SHUT DOWN After Thousands of Fans Cause ChaosFans Cause Chaos

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TanaCon was cancelled after a weekend of chaos

Let’s just say things didn’t go as planned

This weekend, thousands flocked to Anaheim, California for two of YouTube’s biggest conventions: VidCon, and Tana Mongeau’s anti-VidCon, TanaCon. Well, unfortunately, only one went off without a hitch.

On Friday, thousands of fans showed up to the first day of TanaCon, and things quickly descended into chaos. According to Tana, 15,000 unticketed people showed up hoping to get in anyway. This caused massive lines, and people were waiting in the sun for hours without getting any information as to what was happening.

The few people who did get in weren’t impressed. Fans claimed the convention was basically one hallway with a few rooms, and most people couldn’t get into any of the meet-and-greets they were promised. Many of the creators who were supposed to attend the panels and meet-and-greets were double-booked with VidCon, so they couldn’t make it to the fest.

Tana tried to move to a different venue with a larger capacity for Saturday, but her team eventually decided that the convention was just too big of a safety hazard and cancelled the event entirely.

Good Times, the company hosting the event, released a statement early Saturday explaining the cancellation. They wrote QUOTE: “Our team and hotel staff were fully prepared for a 5,000 capped event, however, we were unable to accomodate for the estimated 15,000 who showed up to support Tana’s vision… our team has worked around the clock to find a solution to accommodate everyone safely and fairly, but at this point in time, there is no way to continue a successful weekend at TanaCon without risking the safety of all of you, our Featured Creators, which is our number one priority.

Tana herself also tweeted a long thread apologizing for what went down. She wrote, “I am heartbroken to have postponed today, however I would’ve been more heartbroken if I let that security mess continue. Thank you to everyone who supported me and my movement of the creators having a voice and meeting your favs for free. But i truly apologize for not executing it better. Planning a convention for the first time in a few months was the most impulsive thing i’ve ever done. But i don’t want to give up and am not negating anything I said previously. If i were to give up, that would be everything I’m against and letting the big corporations win… I want to make change and am going to continue to work my ass off to do it.”

She also said that she’ll make it up to the fans with another event that has a bigger space, more security and free tickets.

There’s no word yet on when that event will be, but hopefully it’ll be better than TanaCon.

Did any of you guys go, or attempt to go, to TanaCon? Let us know how it was in the comments below. I’m your host, Zoe Lillian, and thanks for watching Clevver News! Please Click over here (point to your left) to watch another breaking news story and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels (Point down from around chest level).”

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