Shawn Mendes Fans Arrive to His Show A YEAR EARLY?!

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Some Shawn Mendes fans were SO excited for his concert that they actually showed up to the venue a YEAR early.

Now this is what I call dedication.

It’s not every day your fave comes into town to bless you with their presence, so you best believe that when a date is set, fans have the month, day, year, and hour written down in their calendars and ingrained in their brains.

However, some HUGE Shawn Mendes fans misread their ticket dates when they purchased them because a number of fans showed up to a venue in Pittsburgh where Shawn is set to perform…only to find out that they were actually 365 days early. Yes, you heard me correctly, these fans showed up a YEAR early for a show that’s set for 2019.

One man by the name of Bob Rice, who is from Ohio, by the way, drove all the way to Pittsburgh with his family and to their surprise, there wasn’t a huge line of fans waiting to enter the arena like there usually is at most concerts. Bob and his family immediately realized their mistake and tweeted QUOTE, “So, we got tickets for the Shawn Mendes concert on August 6th. However, getting here we realized it was for 2019. And we weren’t the only ones! We will be back next year!”

One fan tweeted that she and her friend were SO EXCITED for Shawn’s Pittsburgh concert that they showed up an hour and a year early. While another fan tweeted, QUOTE, “Soooo, Shawn Mendes I appreciate you selling your 2019 tour tickets this early, but my friends and I all just drove six hours to Pittsburgh to the PPG Paints Arena to see you in concert… a YEAR in advance.”
Hey, mistakes happen, but at least these super dedicated and excited fans weren’t alone in showing up a year early! Maybe Shawn will do something special for these folks when he travels to Pittsburgh next year!

Have you ever gotten so excited for a concert and ended up just showing up a year in advanced? Let us know what’s the earliest you’ve ever shown up for a show in the comment section below. Then click to the right to watch another new video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels! Thanks for hanging with me, I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr., you can find me @EmileEnnisJr and I’ll see ya next time!

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