Selena Gomez’ Mom REVEALS What Kind of Guy Selena Should Date

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Mandy Teefy and daughter Selena Gomez have notoriously butted heads when it comes to Selena’s love life in the past, as Mandy was reportedly NOT happy with SelGo’s choice to reconnect with ex Justin Bieber late last year. Despite her mom’s rumored disapproval, Selena followed her heart and rekindled her romance with Justin after breaking up with boyfriend of 10 months, The Weeknd. Of course, just months later Selena had a change of heart and she and Justin took a break that turned into a break-up. And we’re guessing Mandy wasn’t TOO upset about the way that turned out.

So now that Selena is back to living the single life, Mandy has shared her thoughts on the type of guy SHE’D like to see her daughter date next. In a recent interview with People magazine, Mandy shared the three qualities she thinks are most important in a partner for Selena. She said she’d like her daughter to date someone with QUOTE, “A sense of humor,” who is QUOTE “family-oriented” and QUOTE, “someone who truly understands the life that she lives.”

Yup, we can’t say we disagree with any of that, and we’re guessing Selena wouldn’t either.

Alright guys now I wanna hear what YOU think of Mandy’s thoughts on what type of guy Selena should date next, and do you have any celebs in mind who you think fits the bill? Sound off in the comments below, and after that click right over here to see how Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin CONFIRMED their rumored relationship. Thanks so much for hanging with me on News Feed, and be sure to subscribe for more Clevver News! I’m your host Naz Perez and I’ll see you next time!

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