Selena Gomez Accused of RIPPING OFF Artist with “Back to You” Video

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Yesterday our girl Selena Gomez released the visual for her 13 Reasons Why season 2 soundtrack song “Back to You”. Today the music video is making tons of headlines, but not for the right reasons. Last week Selena teased the video with a series of retro photos overlaid with her lyrics on them. Selena is being accused of ripping off an Instagram photographer’s photo style with these teasers. Fans have noticed that Selena’s teasers look a LOT like artist Sarah Bahbah’s signature feed. Sarah uses captions as subtitles on her images that capture raw human emotion. Selena’s music video continues her teaser theme and plays like a dramatic silent movie using subtitles on screen as dialogue to tell the story.

Ever since SelGo started teasing the video on Instagram, fans have noticed the oddly similar similarities to Sarah Bahbah’s work- calling out the style, editing, and use of captions. One fan tweeted a side by side of Selena’s images and Sarah’s work writing, “Selena Gomez must have no shame! She didn’t credit @sarahbahbah for her artistic ideas..” Another fan suggested that Sarah commented on one of Selena’s images and she deleted it, writing: “but what everybody doesnt know u stole sarah bahbah’s style of photos & deleted her comment saying ‘let’s work together next time” hm”. Sarah indirectly responded to the controversy on her Instagram story saying that “well over 2,000” people have DM’ed her Selena’s photos on Instagram. Of course, tons of SelGo fans have come to her defense saying that Sarah didn’t invent using captions on photos. The Insider pointed out that Sarah has collaborated with Gucci in the past, and one of Selena’s best friends Petra Collins is a Gucci ambassador. It’s possible that Selena has never seen Sarah’s work before, and someone on her team pitched this style of work to her. Selena and her team have made no official statement on this drama as of yet. Do you guys think Selena actually copied Sarah’s photo style in her teasers and music video? That’s a tough one. We’re gonna let you guys make the call. After you make your pick, click here to find out all the hidden messages in Selena’s “Back to You” video. As always I’m your host Ava Gordy, thanks for checking in with Clevver.

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