Scott Disick SLAMS Rumors That He & Sofia Richie Split After Cheating

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Despite breakup rumors, Scott Disick says he and Sofia Richie are doing just fine.

Well, they certainly like to keep us guessing!

The Scott and Sofia saga isn’t over just yet. The pair appeared to be back on yesterday as they were spotted leaving the Japanese restaurant Nobu together in Malibu.

Scott also responded to the breakup rumors himself that day on his Instagram story. He posted a screenshot of a TMZ headline that read, QUOTE: “Sofia Richie and Scott Disick STILL TOGETHER” with the caption, QUOTE: “We had no idea we even broke up, but thanks for thinking of us.” Sounds like Scott’s getting tired of all these rumors.

But were they really rumors? After Scott was photographed getting cozy with a mystery woman at Kanye West’s album party in Wyoming, multiple sources reported that Sofia had had enough of Scott’s partyboy behavior and cut things off. One source even told PEOPLE that she moved out of his house and was living with her father, Lionel Richie. This makes the reunion all the more awkward, considering Sofia’s dad doesn’t support their relationship.

So, what does Scott’s ex Kourtney Kardashian think about all this? Apparently she feels Sofia’s pain. A source told HollywoodLife, QUOTE: “She knows exactly how it feels to be in her position, and she feels sad for her. There’s a part of her that feels vindicated too — she’s not going to say ‘I told you so’ to Sofia, but there’s a part of her that does feel that.”

So, what do you guys think? Will Scott and Sofia last, or was their relationship doomed from the beginning? Let us know in the comments section below, then click here to see the deets on Bella Hadid and The Weeknd’s romantic Paris date. Thanks for watching Clevver News; I’m your host, Tom Plumley, and I’ll see you next time.

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