Ricky Dillon, James Charles & MORE YouTubers SPEAK OUT Against TanaCon

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TanaCon was a straight up disaster and some of her YouTuber peers have A LOT to say about everything that went down over the weekend.

If you thought all the drama surrounding Tanacon was over and done with, think again.
This past weekend was pretty crazy for Tana Mongeau. Not only was it the debut of the first ever TanaCon, the whole thing actually ended up getting cancelled due to the overwhelming amount of fans who showed up. Soo, it goes without saying that a lot of people were upset by the cancellation and Tana has been receiving backlash for it ever since.

Fans have been very vocal about their feelings towards the entire event and how it all turned out, but they aren’t the only ones talking about the failed convention. A number of Tana’s YouTuber peers have spoken out about TanaCon and they did not hold back their feelings.

Shane Dawson got super candid on Twitter after he found out TanaCon was cancelled. Shane apologized to those who came out to see him specifically. He tweeted QUOTE, “Just found out Tanacon has been cancelled. I’m so sorry to anyone that came out here to see me. It wasn’t my event and if it was it would have been run differently. I’m heartbroken looking at the videos of people waiting all day in the sun getting burnt. I don’t blame Tana but I do have some serious questions for the people that organized the event. Overselling tickets, not having enough water, and letting people burn? Not okay. And even though it’s not my event I promise I’ll make it up to you. I’m so sorry.”

Meanwhile, James Charles revealed to a fan that he tried his best to give Tana advice on how to properly and safely plan TanaCon. He tweeted QUOTE, “I called her yesterday and gave her every last piece of advice I could to save this convention and her reputation and again, she isn’t listening. A TRUE friend will call you out when you’re in the wrong. I thanked her for what she’s done for me and ended our friendship. Don’t speak on a situation you know nothing about. I’m literally the absolute BEST kind of friend she could ask for, rather than everyone who was yelling in her ear yesterday, “fuck vidcon, let’s make this lit.” and “let’s shut this city down!” Open your fucking eyes.”

But despite the backlash from these two, Tana publicly thanked them for their honesty by tweeting, “I wanna thank Shane and James for being so real with me and being the only people to tell me that cancelling and working towards something better would be much smarter than choosing my pride and shit being unsafe. They kept it real as fuck with me and I love them.” Well, it seems like all is well between these three.

Ricky Dillon also gave the world his two cents on TanaCon in a vlog since he was scheduled to be there as well.

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