Pete Davidson SLAMS Fan Who Criticized Ariana Grande Wearing Late Dad’s Badge

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Pete Davidson clapped back at a fan who criticized his gift to Ariana Grande

He won’t let anyone disrespect his girl

Pete Davidson certainly isn’t shy about showing off how much he loves Ariana Grande. From the tattoos, to the engagement, to the almost-daily Instagram pictures and comments, the SNL comedian wants the whole world to know who has his heart.

His latest display of affection was a picture of Ariana he posted to his Instagram. The singer can be seen wearing the FDNY necklace of Pete’s late father, who died in the 9/11 attacks. The chain has his badge number on it, which both Pete and Ari already have tattooed on themselves (Pete on his forearm and Ari on her foot). But one fan thought the necklace was going too far.


A post shared by Pete Davidson (@petedavidson) on

He commented on the post, QUOTE: “No girl should ever wear your dad’s chain. So disrespectful.”

Pete was not having it. He wrote back to the critic, QUOTE: “For ur information that’s not just some girl. That’s my fiancé. She’s the greatest person I know. I gave it to her because she has my heart and that is the most precious thing I own. My dad would be so happy and love her so much.”

Ariana showed her support for Pete by commenting, QUOTE: “I love u more than anything.”

Clearly, these two aren’t letting the haters get the best of them. But what do you guys think? Do you think Ari wearing the necklace is cute, or is it going too far? Let us know down in the comments. Thanks for watching Clevver News; I’m your host, Tom Plumley. Please Click to the right to watch another new Video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels.

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