Normani Kordei & Ally Brooke HINT at NEW Music + Normani Teases EPIC Collab

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As you can hear in the vid, Ally took the time to apologize to fans for being MIA, and explained that the reason for her absence has been because she’s been working hard in the studio on her new music. She signed off the video giving a little wink and saying QUOTE, “Sending you all love, hugs and kisses and maybe I’ll have something out soon.”

The reason fans are so convinced that Ally is hinting at a full album rather than a new single or feature, is because she captioned the video AB1 UPDATE, which is definitely code for “Ally Brooke’s first album update.” It was also just announced that Ally recently signed a record deal with Atlantic Records, which one fan pointed out is the same label as Bruno Mars and Cardi B. Talk about some good company!

While Ally didn’t give any more specific details on a release date or what we should expect from her upcoming new music, we know she’s not one to let fans down or keep them hanging, so finger’s crossed AB1 is coming sooner than we can even guess.

So now that we’re all caught up on Ally’s new music update, let’s move on to Normani’s! Normani has already dazzled us with her “Love Lies” single with Khalid, and now she’s working on yet another epic duet — this time, with Sam Smith.

The announcement was made with an adorable picture of Sam and Normani hugging while at the studio together, and fans are absolutely freaking out about the upcoming collab. Not only are Sam and Normani’s going to sound stunning together — we have a feeling they are gonna have some great chemistry, just by looking at this super cute photo.

And Harmonizers can rest assured that Sam will take good care of our girl, as he’s an avid 5H fan himself. When the ladies announced their hiatus, Sam let out a resounding, All Caps “FIFTH HARMONY!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, with about a thousand exclamation points.

Same, Sam, same, but on the bright side you now get to make new music with one of the most talented new solo artists in the game right now. So color us jealous.

Alright guys now I wanna turn things over to you — are you expecting Sam and Normani to come out with a ballad or a banger? And you do you wanna see Ally collab with on her first solo album? Sound off with ALL your thoughts in the comments below.

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