Noah Schnapp Accidentally REVEALS Stranger Things Season 3 Spoiler

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Noah, who plays Will Byers on the Netflix series, was doing a Q&A when one curious fan asked him about Will’s dog, Chester.

The Byer’s shaggy family dog was seen throughout in the first season of Stranger Things, but seemed to disappear from season 2. Chester was first introduced in the pilot trying to protect Will from the terrifying Demogorgon. After Will went missing, the sweet and loyal Chester would visit his fort regularly, and seemed to feel Will’s presence even though he was stuck in the Upside Down.

But when it came to season 2, Chester was notably absent. One fan asked Noah what happened to Will’s dog in season 2, and the young actor accidentally spilled a spoiler no one in the audience saw coming.

UM, WHAT?! As you can hear in the clip, there was a collective GASP from the audience after Noah says QUOTE, “I think he died, didn’t he? He did.” The stunned audience’s reaction clearly took Noah back a bit, which prompted him to slightly backtrack…

OMG, Noah!! Of course, as heartbreaking as it is to find out that Chester died like this, we still don’t know when or how he died. Was it an attack from a demogorgon? Did Chester find himself trapped in the Upside Down? Or did this good boy just die of old age sometime between Season 1 and Season 2? Let’s hope it’s the latter, because we don’t want another Mew Mew situation on our hands. That being said, I feel like Chester deserves his very own Justice For Chester hashtag no matter how he died, because he was a very good boy who did everything he could to protect his friend Will.

Alright guys now I wanna turn it over to you — are you shocked that Noah accidentally revealed Chester’s death? And do you think they’ll address how he died, besides just showing his grave in season 3? Let me hear all your thoughts and theories in the comments, and then click over here to watch another breaking news story and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels. Thanks so much for watching, I’m your host Ava Gordy and I’ll see you next time!

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