Nikki Bella Has HOPE For John Cena Relationship & Calls Him Prince Charming

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When you mix a reality TV relationship with an engagement that ended 3 weeks before the wedding you usually don’t hear the word “hope” thrown around. But that’s what Nikki Bella is telling E! News in an interview for the upcoming season of Total Bellas. The recently single WWE star opened up about her recent breakup with John Cena. Nikki responded to John professing his love for her on the Today Show this week.

Nikki made it clear the split (after 6 years of dating) was her choice and something she needed to do for herself. Nikki ended her statement saying QUOTE, “I have hope for John and I in the future and I need this time for me right now.” The upcoming season of Total Bellas will highlight the issues in Nikki and John’s relationship- which will no doubt be hard for Nikki to re-live.

But when Nikki sat down with PEOPLE she took her “hope” for the relationship a step further. Nikki told the magazine QUOTE, “Only time will tell. I definitely do [think we will get married]. I think he’s Mr. Right. He’s Prince Charming…I hope that our paths do come back together and I think they will.” If Nikki called off the wedding and still thinks John is her Prince Charming… then what THE HECK went wrong here?

PEOPLE reports that Nikki’s decision to call off the wedding was due to the couple’s differing stance on marriage and having kids. Nikki is now revealing that it was wedding planning that brought up the deeply rooted issues in their relationship. We hear the two have been in communication since the break up and are trying to work out their differences. We’ll get to see the whole thing play out on season three of Total Bellas starting this Sunday on E!. We wanna hear your predictions- do you think Nikki and John will get back together? Tell us your theories in that open forum below this video. After that, watch Channing Tatum gush over his ex Jenna! Thanks so much for hanging out with Clevver, I’m your host Tom Plumley.

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