Niall Horan TAKING A BREAK After World Tour?

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Niall Horan’s been working non-stop since the release of his debut solo album, and now it might be time for him to take a little break.

We know… we’re not so thrilled about it either.

Uh oh! Niall Horan just delivered some news that literally none of us wanted to hear, which is that once his tour wraps, he plans on taking an extended break. Uhh… WHAT?!

That’s right, you guys! So far, Niall’s spent about a year on the road since his debut album “Flicker” came out, and as you could probably imagine, he’s pretty exhausted.

In an interview at his Horan & Rose fundraiser with golf champ Justin Rose over the weekend, Niall hit us with the bad news, saying, QUOTE, “When I’m on tour I get into such a routine. And when you’re writing songs I feel like that needs to be 100 percent your focus. So I’m going to take a couple of months off after the tour, which finishes in September.”

You heard that correctly! In roughly three months, Niall will be starting his extending break, but even though we’ll miss him terribly, this break doesn’t necessarily mean that he won’t be working on creating new music in private.

Niall said that during his break, he’ll QUOTE, “just write until I have good tunes. I’m not coming back until I do.” WOW.

Although it may be a while until we hear new music from Niall, knowing that he’s planning on setting aside time specifically for writing music he’s proud of means that his next album is going to truly be next level, and as much as we can’t wait, we know we kinda have to!

So, what can we expect from Niall’s music in the future? Well, we don’t know much, but we do know that he’s planning on trying something a bit different.

He said, QUOTE, “I find that the slower songs come more naturally for me. I would like to create a bit more of the up-tempo stuff and try to cement my sound. That’s something to work on.”

Well, what do you guys think? Should Niall stick to slow songs or experiment with something more upbeat? And, while you’re at it, let us know how you feel about his extended break in the comments section below. Then, click over here for all of the best and worst dressed celebs at this year’s BET Awards. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr. and I’ll see you next time.

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