Niall Horan Explains WHY Keeping In Contact With Zayn Is Nearly Impossible

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Niall Horan reveals Zayn is hard to keep in touch with…

If you ever manage to get hold of Zayn’s number, you’d better act fast…

Niall Horan recently had an interview with Today’s entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins, and was asked whether or not he was still in contact with his former 1D bandmates. Niall replied QUOTE, “Yeah, all the time.”

He explained that since everyone is off doing their own thing, they make a real effort to stay in touch these days, adding QUOTE, “Harry is doing his tour. Louis is making more music. Liam is down in Mexico at the minute. We are all like to keep in touch.”

The reporter then pressed Niall on whether or not he was still in touch with Niall, the “Slow Hands” singer revealed QUOTE, “Actually, I spoke to Zayn about three weeks ago. We had a big conversation and on text and stuff…But Zayn is the kind of fella that changes his number every five minutes. Don’t know where he’s at”.

Wait a second — he changes his number every five minutes?! I don’t even think James Bond is that extra.

All jokes aside, a lot of us have old friends and acquaintances who we tend to lose track of, and most of us aren’t trying to break into solo music careers while also trying to stay in touch. So, hearing that Niall was texting Zayn just a few weeks ago is definitely a pleasant surprise, and a good sign that tensions have eased between Zayn and his former 1D bandmates. You know what they say…time heals all! Of course, healing probably takes a liiiittle longer when you keep switching your phone number every five minutes.

Alright guys I wanna hear what YOU think of Niall saying Zayn is hard to stay in touch with — do you think there’s a chance for a full reconciliation between Zayn and the rest of the 1D guys in the future? Sound off in the comments below, and then click right over here to see Taylor as a redheaded mistress for Sugarland’s music video for Babe. Thanks so much for joining me on Clevver News, and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button! I’m your girl Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time!

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