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Millie Bobby Brown reveals her favorite Disney Channel Original Movie, PLUS the Stranger Things cast hints at “love and death” in the next season.

Somehow High School Musical is NOT Millie’s fave Disney Channel movie, and now we feel old.

Millie took to Instagram to do a little live Q&A sesh with fans, and revealed that she absolutely loves the Disney Channel Original Movie, “Teen Beach Movie”. She even gave fans a little taste of one of her favorite songs from the musical.

Millie also shared that her favorite songs from ‘Teen Beach Movie’ are “Surf Crazy” and “Falling For Ya.” She also gave us a little taste of “Surf Crazy” and the song “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ from the movie, and all we can say is someone put this girl in a damn musical, already!

We’re so grateful that Millie still takes the time to connect with fans, even while she’s in the middle of shooting Stranger Things season 3.

And speaking of which, we’ve got a few more updates on Stranger Things, courtesy of cast members Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike, and David Harbour, who plays Sheriff Hopper in the show.

Finn told Us Weekly of season 3 this week QUOTE, “I don’t know much about it because we get the scripts as we go along…But yeah, it’s set in 1985, in the summer. It’s the summer of love — that’s all I can say, really.”

The summer of love probably includes Mike and Eleven having their first relationship with each other, Nancy and Jonathan continuing their romance, and we’re sure that the chemistry between Hopper and Karen is going to heat up, too. And we wouldn’t be surprised if Steve had a new romantic interest this season, but we’re more interested in his adorable budding bromance with Dustin.

Of course, Stranger Things isn’t a romantic comedy, and we’re expecting things to get even darker Hawkins, Indiana this season. The show does not hold back when it comes to killing off characters we come to love, so who is next? Well, if David Harbour, aka Hopper, had it his way, it would be his character. He said at Tampa Bay Comic Con over the weekend QUOTE, “I would like to take a bullet for Eleven”, and after fans cheered at that selfless answer, he joked QUOTE, “Now you’re all happy about me dying!”

As poetic as it would be for Hopper to sacrifice himself for Eleven, we’re guessing it’s not happening in season 3 — he’s just TOO important a character to be killed off this early, and also he and Karen deserve to find love and happiness with each other — at least for ONE whole season.

Alright guys now I wanna turn it over to you — what do you think of Millie’s Teen Beach Movie obsession? Are you dying to see her star in a movie musical herself? And which Stranger Things couple is your fave? Sound off with all your answers in the comments below!

And once you’ve done that, click right over here to see Finn Wolfhard talk about the new characters coming to the show. And be sure to subscribe! Thanks so much for watching, I’m your host Renee Ariel and I’ll see you next time!

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