Miley Cyrus Wipes ENTIRE Instagram Clean & Fans Are Freaking Out

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On Thursday night, Miley Cyrus began deleting her Instagram posts… including those of her fiancé, Liam Hemsowrth. No post was not in danger of being wiped, and by this morning, her entire feed had been purged… left completely blank- just like the looks on all of our faces.
What could this possibly mean? Well, the internet has some theories.
This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen similar social media behavior, ahem Taylor Swift, so the biggest rumored explanation for Miley cleaning house is that she is about to drop some new music, which OMG, I hope is true, because WE ARE READY. The internet is too, obviously, because #MILEYISCOMING is already a real thing.
One user wrote QUOTE “Miley Cyrus has officially blacked out her profile picture on Instagram. The countdown begins now! #MileyIsComing”
And this next fan is basically all of us, saying QUOTE “miley deleted everything off her instagram and i’m having an anxiety attack. is there going to be a tour?? is there going to be another album?? WHAT IS HAPPENING MY HEART IS TOO FRAGILE FOR THIS @MileyCyrus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
We could totally see Miley beginning an all new era of her career with brand new music. She has talked a lot about the different phases of her life and being ready to leave the past in the past so it kinda makes sense that she’d want a fresh start… but what about all those pics of her and Liam being couple goals?
Well, there’s an even more interesting theory that Miley and Liam shippers are going to LOVE.
Last month, a few outlets reported that Miley and Liam had allegedly gotten married during a private ceremony at her Malibu mansion, but that was never confirmed by the couple. Sooooo, now there are a few people who believe this might be Miley’s way of letting the world know she’s officially a Mrs.
One user wrote QUOTE “I predict! The change from Miley Cyrus instagram to Miley Cyrus Hemsworth WEDDING REVEAL! They married!”
I AM ACTUALLY LIVING FOR THIS THEORY. If she comes back online and her name has changed to Miley Cyrus hyphen Hemsworth, I might actually not be OKAY.
But new music will be cool too.
Now it’s time for you to share YOUR predictions, so head down to the comments and let’s discuss! Thanks so much for hanging out with me, I’m Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you all back here on Clevver News. Click here for another story and of course don’t forget to subscribe to our channels.

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