Miley Cyrus Throws SHADE at Taylor Swift On Instagram

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Late last week the New York Post created a headline on Instagram that said: Everything Britney did, Taylor does better. Talk about just asking for it – I’ve never seen a headline that stirs the drama mill more. And alas drama it did create. So I’m sure a lot of you are asking – what does this even have to do with Miley Cyrus? And since when does she have beef with anyone? Miley is literally the most chill person ever. Well, here’s the breakdown, celebrity hairstylist Justin Anderson reposted a meme to his personal Instagram with a caption that read “when JLo lols is da real highlight for me.” The meme style video is basically a compilation of a ton of celebs including Jlo cracking up at the claim that Taylor does everything better than Britney – honestly, I don’t care what this meme is even about – I dare you not to be inspired to laugh after just watching all these people laugh:
LOL! ANd here’s the kicker, Miley liked Justin’s post which has now lead the world to believe she’s shading Taylor Swift. Seems like s huge stretch if you ask me. Anyone out there would probably crack up at just watching all these people crack up and probably give that meme a double tap/like, amiright or what? And maybe Miley just agreed with Justin’s caption about JLo being the highlight because honestly, I’m going to keep her laugh track around for anytime I’m having a bad day because that laugh is infectious.
Best thing about this story? Miley Cyrus is back – I’ve missed her. Miley, we want more Miley. I digress. Okay guys – do you agree with me that this whole thing is a major stretch, or do you think this is some major shade. I personally live in a world that has room for all female icons – all of whom are pretty freaking talented. Thanks for watching guys! Please Click to the right to watch another new Video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels. I’m your girl Joslyn Davis and I’ll see you guys next time!

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