Miley Cyrus & Lady Gaga Secretly Working on COLLAB?

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Okay, okay, it’s definitely not set in stone but SO many fans are speculating that Miley and Lady Gaga are teaming up to create the hottest song EVER. The speculation all started when it was revealed by an insider close to Miles that she’s been in the studio working on a new album.
This insider told Us Weekly QUOTE, “A new album is in the works for Miley. She has been in New York since middle of this week and is officially working on new music.” The same source also went on to add that Miley has been QUOTE “recording at the same [Electric Lady Studio] that Gaga uses” and that Miley’s been QUOTE, “recording the past few nights till 4 a.m.”
Well, obviously using the same studio as Gaga definitely caught our attention, but there’s more to the story. On top of using the same studio space as Lady Gaga, Miley is also working with Mark Ronson, who has worked with Gaga in the past and his Instagram post featuring Miley essentially added more fuel to the collaboration fires.
He shared this photo of himself with Miley on Insta about a week ago and captioned it QUOTE, “I don’t even know if this pic is real or fake because I was so busy giving strong jew steel to the camera, I was unaware of who was to my left or right. All I know is, the girl in this snap helped me write one of my favorite songs. Coming soon.”
Honestly, this is all very interesting, but now it’s time for me to turn it over to you.
Do you guys think there’s actually a Miley and Gaga collab in the works and if so, would you be into it or nah? Let me know what you think it’s gonna sound like in the comment section below. Thanks for watching!

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