Matthew Hussey Reveals BABY PLANS With Camila Cabello?!

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Matthew Hussey Reveals BABY PLANS With Camila Cabello & Gushes Over Relationship

Matthew Hussey just can’t help but shout from the rooftops about how happy he is with Camila Cabello.

And it sounds like he’s ready to take that next step with Camila.
Camila and Matthew have been dating for quite some time now, so it’s not really surprising that the two have already talked about their future together. In fact, Matthew – who has kept a pretty tight lip about Camila – opened up to Australian website ‘New Idea’ about their relationship and you guys, he couldn’t be more smitten with her and honestly, I don’t blame him!

In the interview, Matthew gushed QUOTE, “I’m really happy.” And in fact, he’s SO happy with Camila that he even talked about wanting to start a family in the future.

He said QUOTE, “When the time is right I would love to [start a family] and my mum wants me to as well. I’ve got two younger brothers and everyone is taking bets on who will make mum happy first, but the good thing is my cousins are having babies so my mum’s got babies around her. The pressure is off us.”

I mean, he obviously didn’t name Camila when he said he wanted to start a family when the time is right, but it’s hard not to put two and two together. Especially since Camila has said in the past about how happy she’s been after their relationship went public.
PROMO: So now I wanna hear your thoughts on all of this! What do you guys think of Camila and Matthew’s relationship? Are you happy they’re happy together and are you surprised by his baby comments? Let me know in the comment section below. When you’re done with that click to the right to watch another new video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels. Thanks for hanging with me, I’m your girl Joslyn Davis and I’ll see ya next time

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