Lucy Hale DENIES Charlie Puth Dating Rumors

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Before we even had time to freak out over the Lucy Hale and Charlie Puth dating rumors it was all over.

If you didn’t know, Charlie recently released his new album,Voicenotes, and if you haven’t listened to it yet you should probably do that ASAP. Obviously tons of people have been jamming out to the new tunes, including the Pretty Little Liars alum!

While listening to the album, Lucy posted a video of her dancing along to a song and praising the album on her Instagram Story. It must have caught the “Attention” singers attention because it didn’t take long for him to Tweet out a sweet thank you saying QUOTE “thank you for the kind words @lucyhale.”

Naturally, Lucy responded with a QUOTE “of course!”

Obviously if two celebs interact on social media it must mean that they’re secretly dating, right? Well that’s what a ton of fans thought because the singer and actress’ timeline was suddenly full of questions about their relationship.

It looks like Lucy wanted to kill the rumor as fast as she could because she quickly replied saying that she’s QUOTE “just a fan of his music that’s all!”

Well there you have it. Lucy and Charlie are NOT dating and we heard it straight from the source.

ast we heard, Lucy’s dating her now-former Life Sentence co-star, Riley Smith. The two were spotted as recently as May 10, in Hawaii.

Did you think that Charlie and Lucy are dating and do you want them to in the future? Let us know in the comments below and then click here to see the trailer for the Pretty Little Liars spin-off snow! I’m Ava Gordy, thanks for tuning in.

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