Kylie Jenner Talks Stretch Marks & How Her Body’s Changed Post-Pregnancy

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Kylie and Jordyn shared a Vlog of themselves answering fans’ questions during a Q&A sesh, and Kylie could not have been more candid and honest when it came to revealing how giving birth to baby Stormi has affected her body. While she admits that it looks like she bounced back very quickly after Stormi was born, she let fans know that Instagram isn’t exactly painting the whole picture when it comes to all the changes she’s been through.

Kylie then went into the details about all of the ways her body has changed since the birth.

Kylie also revealed that the changes have made her changed her style a bit, since nothing in her pre-baby closet fits her anymore. But despite all of the ways it affected her body, Kylie said that she had a great pregnancy and birth, and that she QUOTE, “would’ve done the same thing over again.”

One fan also asked Kylie how Stormi is like her, and you can see what a proud mama she is with her response.

Kylie also admitted that the one thing she was insecure about when she was younger, is not going to be an issue for her daughter.

During the Q&A Kylie and Jordyn also revealed the exciting news that Jordyn will be coming out with her own line for Kylie cosmetics very soon. And considering Jordyn’s makeup always looks amazing, we can’t wait to see what she and Kylie come out with.

Alright guys now I wanna turn it over to you — are you surprise that Kylie was so honest about her post-baby body changes and insecurities? And are you excited for Jordyn’s makeup line with Kylie cosmetics? Sound off in the comments below!

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