Kim Kardashian Visits Paris For The FIRST Time Since Robbery

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Kim RETURNS to Paris for the first time after her harrowing robbery at gunpoint in the city 2 years ago.

Kim is proving that time really does heal all…

It’s been almost two years since Kim’s traumatic robbery at gunpoint in Paris, and this week she made her first return to the city of lights since the harrowing incident. Kim returned for Paris Fashion Week and enjoyed sitting front-row at a Louis Vuitton show alongside hubby Kanye, sister Kylie, and Kylie’s boyfriend, Travis Scott.

Kim looked relaxed and stunning in a bright blue shirt dress and over-sized sunglasses, and Kylie looked equally bright and cheery in a yellow jumpsuit at the show.

Sources told People that Kim QUOTE “seemed in a good mood,” and was QUOTE “absolutely not afraid”.

And one insider noted that although Kim and fam had a security team with them, it QUOTE, “Didn’t seem exceptional or excessive. There were guards around her but not a huge contingent… It was almost normal but there was some tension you could feel.”

Well we’re just glad to see that Kim was able to confront what was surely the scariest moment of her past, and we’re even more impressed that she did it with so much style, class, and grace.

And in other Kim news, Kim’s little sis Khloe recently made the move back to Los Angeles with her daughter, True Thompson, and of course, the rest of the Kardashian clan is THRILLED… especially Kim.

At the launch of Kim’s KKW pop-up shop on Tuesday, she told Access Hollywood, QUOTE, “It’s very good to have Khloé back. I feel kind of bad. They came in town on Sunday and the whole family— we spaced it out so she wouldn’t be too overwhelmed.”

She added, QUOTE, “First it was Kourtney and all of her kids, then me and all of my kids, the my mom, then Kylie. It was just like, everyone was just coming over to see the baby and wanting to introduce my kids to their new little cousin. So it was really good to see her and have her back.”

So now I wanna turn things over to you guys – are you impressed with Kim returning to Paris after her traumatic experience there? Leave a comment down below, and then click over here to find out how Khloe and Tristan have finally made it to a good place in their relationship. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Renee Ariel and I’ll see you next time!

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