Kim Kardashian REACTS To Kanye West Exposing Marital Drama In “Wouldn’t Leave”

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Kanye west was just in wyoming promoting his new album titled “ye” for journalists, celebrities and bloggers alike. And people were shocked to hear how deeply personal so much of his lyrics in this album are, specifically there are some lyrics about his marital life that has everyone talking. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kim K West spoke to journalists about the lyrics after winning the first-ever influencer award during the CFDA fashion awards in brooklyn.

THe song in question is called “wouldn’t leave” and in it, kanye raps about all of the recent scandals he’s been involved with by saying “slavery is a choice” and for being vocal in his support for president trump. Heere are the lyrics: “My wife calin’, screaming, say, we bout to lose it all / had to calm her down ‘cause she couln’t breathe / told her she could leave me now, but she wouldn’t leave.”

And as soon as the public heard these lyrics, it only left us with my more questions. THat’s why we are so thankful Kim decided to speak out Monday night, here’s what she had to say. “That was the one song that he didn’t really play for me until the last minute, i left to go home for like two days and I come back and it was a whole new album. It’s fascinating to see the process.” She continued on to defend kanye by saying “he might say things that might get misinterpreted and people don’t see the context behind it, but I always know his heart. It meant a lot to me, we have different views sometimes, we have different things but thats my husband, you know?”

Wow– it’s pretty cool to see Kim defending the love for her husband like that. Not only that, kim mentioned that kanye scrapped his whole album and re-did it in two weeks. Talk about a hard worker. Kim went on to talk about how Kanye builds up her confidence to be who she wants to be, and how they have a great trust with each other. So now it’s your turn, what are your thoughts on this whole situation? Are you still unsure about kanye because of what he said? How do you think this new album will be compared to the last? Leave all your thoughts in the comment section down below and when you’re done with that be sure to subscribe to clevver news for more fresh updates! Then click right here to see little north west sing one of kanye’s songs. I’m tom plumley and i’ll see ya next time.

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