Kim Kardashian Pays VISIT To Inmates At a Women’s Prison

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Kim Kardashian isn’t done helping those who have stuck behind bars just yet.

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Not only is Kim K talking the talk, she’s also walking the walk.

If you thought you heard the last of Kim Kardashian and prison reform in a sentence after she helped free Alice Marie Johnson, think again. It was reported by TMZ that Kim visited the California Institution for Women in Corona to speak and meet with a number of women behind bars last Friday afternoon.

Sources close to the situation told TMZ that Kim met with roughly 15 women to talk about their day-to-day-lives behind bars, how they’re doing during their sentence, and their concerns about transitioning back into society after being released from prison.
KKW reportedly stayed at the women’s prison for several hours, and according to TMZ’s source, this trip is a huge part of Kim’s mission to create a program to help women adjust to real life once they are released from jail. To be honest, it’s pretty cool to see Kim continue to advocate for prison reform. Especially after so many people assumed she’d go back to being a mom and business mogul after helping free Alice Johnson from jail.

What do you guys think of Kim continuing to fight for prison reform? Are you surprised she got back into it so quickly after her first victory? Let me know all your thoughts on this in the comment section below. Thanks so much for hanging with me, I’m Zoe Lillian and before you go…

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