Kim Kardashian Didn’t REALIZE Kanye West Suffered From Anxiety Post-Robbery

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Kim Kardashian appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan this morning and opened up a little more about Kanye and how he reacted to the robbery.

Sometimes you have to put up a front to get through those difficult times.

It looks like Kim wasn’t really aware of how her husband was feeling after her robbery in Paris back in 2016.

Recently Kanye opened up about when he was hospitalized a month after the robbery. He recently said in his interview Charlamagne Tha God that the robbery contributed to his mental health scare, among other factors.

When Ryan Seacrest asked if Kim realized how much anxiety Kanye had about the incident, Kim said QUOTE, “Not really ‘cause he always is so strong. Obviously, he made a lot of changes with our security detail and spent so much time taking meetings and doing all of that kind of stuff just to make sure everything was really different. But as far as emotionally, he always was really strong, and that’s who he is, my rock.”

The group of burglars who tied her up and stole $10 million dollars worth of jewelry were arrested in January 2017, and another was just arrested this past April.

In Kanye’s interview he explained that it was hard knowing the robbers were waiting for him to leave and had been planning this for years.

And today Kim told Ryan and Kelly how it feels to read about what the group of over 10 accomplices said from jail. QUOTE, “They said they had been following me for two years, and that’s crazy there was a couple dozen people involved. They definitely were such a machine that they figured out when he wasn’t going to be there.”

We can only imagine the toll that kind of event takes on your mental health. But Kim says that Kanye is doing really well now and is currently in Wyoming recording his new album. She did say, however, that he’s responsible for giving Kim her first gray hairs the past week.

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