Kim Kardashian BEGS Tristan Thompson To UnBbock Her On Khloe’s Birthday

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If you’ve been Keeping up with your Kardashian news, or just subscribed to this channel, you know that Tristan Thompson was on the Kardashian chopping block after cheating on Khloe multiple times in the weeks leading up to Khloe giving birth to their daughter True. Naturally Khloe’s family and friends were pissed at Tristan for doing that to Khloe so they spoke out about it. Kim in particular did not hold back and called Tristan out on social media as well as on talk shows. And I guess because Tristan couldn’t take the heat, he blocked Kim on instagram. Petty.
But all of that is in the past and Khloe has decided to move on and let bygones be bygones so her friends and family are respecting that decision. Which is why it was hilarious when the gang was all together for Khloe’s birthday yesterday and Kim put Tristan on blast about blocking her.
Kim then jokingly asked for Tristan’s code and he was quick to say that Khloe knows it and he was telling the truth because Khloe was right there to confirm. But then Kim found out that he had also blocked Khloe’s best friend’s Malika and Khadijah.
And just like that the surrender flags have been waved and there is once again peace. It’s so funny how blocking people on social media nowadays is so serious. It’s like the equivalent of getting into a serious fight with someone. Oh 2018. How times have changed.
So what do you guys think about Tristan unblocking Kim, Malika and Khadijah? Sound off in the comment section below. Thanks for watching!

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