Khloe Kardashian CLAPS BACK at Kris Jenner’s Friend Over Tristan Comments

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Khloé’s relationship with Tristan Thompson has been a target of gossip for months now. Ever since evidence of his cheating came out just days before she gave birth to their daughter, everybody has been wondering what exactly is going on between the two of them.

Both Khloé and Tristan have stayed pretty quiet about their relationship, but that hasn’t stopped people in their circle from talking about it.

The latest person to spill the beans was Lisa Stanley, who’s a friend of Khloés mom, Kris Jenner. During a radio appearance on KISS FM, she claimed the couple was in therapy and is working hard on their relationship.

She told the hosts, QUOTE: “She was never planning on leaving him. Khloé was always going to try and make this work for a plethora of reasons. The first reason is she has a child now, and she feels very connected to him in that way. The second reason is she loves him. She clearly loves the man.”

She also alleged that Kris and the rest of the family told Khloé to leave Tristan, but she refused.

Well, Khloé had something of her own to say. On an Instagram post by Hollywood Unlocked that gave a synopsis of the interview, the reality star commented QUOTE: “Who is Lisa Stanley???”

Her comment suggested that she has no idea who Lisa is, which would basically discredit everything she said in the interview. Or, maybe she does know who Lisa Stanley is but was just throwing shade by suggesting she’s irrelevant. Either way, Khloé seems to be fed up with people talking about her relationship. And honestly, we don’t blame her.

What do you guys think? Was Lisa telling the truth, or was she making it all up? Let us know down in the comments. Thanks for watching Clevver News; I’m your host, Renee Shafii. Please Click to the right to watch another new Video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels.

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