Kendall Jenner DENIES Getting Into CAR ACCIDENT in Cannes

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While in Cannes, Kendall Jenner reportedly got into a car accident, but don’t worry… she’s fine.

Well, we’re glad that she’s okay!

Uh oh, you guys! Rumors began to surface just yesterday that Kendall Jenner got into a car accident on her way to a fashion show in Cannes, and obviously, fans were extremely concerned to hear the news.

After being noticeably absent from Naomi Campbell’s annual Cannes Fashion for Relief Benefit last weekend, Page Six reported that the chauffeured car she was riding in on the way to the event was involved in a crash. The site also claims that although she couldn’t walk the runway because of the incident, she was well enough to make it out to dinner with some of her model besties afterward to celebrate, including Bella Hadid and Winnie Harlow.

As per a report by People, soon after the alleged incident, Kendall showed up to dinner wearing a low-cut silver sequin mini-dress, so clearly, she didn’t suffer any major injuries. The mag also mentioned that she seemed to have a good time at the film festival at all, so clearly this fender bender didn’t get her down.

Despite the concerning report of the accident, though, it appears that now, Kendall may have not even been involved in any sort of car accident at all! That’s right! A rep for Kendall told People that the reports of a fender bender are completely false. Uhh…what? Yup! If what Kendall’s people are saying is true, she actually wasn’t involved in a crash at all on her trip to Cannes, which is, uhh… a bit confusing.

Well, whether she was involved in a car accident or not, be sure to send Kendall your well wishes in the comments section below. Then, click to the left to see how Bella Thorne slammed trolls. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Renee Ariel and I’ll see you next time!

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