Karlie Kloss Hangs Out With Taylor Swift’s Ex Harry Styles & Fans Freak Out

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So Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift are no strangers to headlines, but Taylor fans lost all chill when Karlie and Harry Styles were photographed together. Diane Von Furstenberg posted a photo on Instagram sitting with the singer and model and captioned it, “Glamorous lunch break.” Glamorous indeed. They are in apparently in Sicily for Google Camp and this photo was taken on a yacht. Now if you’re not familiar with the history, Harry and Taylor dated briefly years ago and Karlie Kloss is one of Taylor’s BFF, but rumors began circulating last year that the two had some sort of falling out. We’re not going to go into those details, but back in March, Karlie did say in an interview with the New York Times, “Don’t believe everything you read.” Anyway, once Swifties got wind of Karlie and Harry hanging out, the tweetstorm began and some of them are pretty hilarious.

One user tweeted, me thinking logically: what else could Karlie and Harry possibly talk about other than taylor there’s legit nothing else for them to say to each other

Another user tweeted some shade, can you imagine after an awkward pause harry says “…so hows taylah?” and karlie’s trying to come up with something as if she’s seen her in the last 9 months. omg did i just write fan fiction?

This tweet made me chuckle, Taylor: you’ve got that long hair slicked back white T-shirt Harry and Karlie:

There were also a slew of people suggesting that Karlie and Harry were getting together, but Karlie recently got engaged, so slow your roll people.

Alright, now I have to know what you think about this hangout sesh. Let me know in the comment section below! Thanks for watching Clevver News; I’m your host, Emile Ennis Jr. You can find me on Instagram @emileennisjr. Please click right over here to get more details on Harry’s break up with Camile and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels!

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