Kanye West Fans REACT to His New Album & PRAISE It’s “Old School Kanye Vibe”

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It’s. Finally. Here! The 8th studio album by Mr. Controversy himself, Kanye West. The album, “Ye,” which includes collabs with Kid Cudi, Ty Dolla $ign, John Legend, and Nicki Minaj- has his fans and even his haters all calling this some of his finest work ever! We just went from:
Here’s what people are saying about it on Twitter. “kanye west ft. charlie wilson.This Combo is Dope asf .” “he mixed the old kanye with the new kanye produced by the future kanye#YE” “So I think YE is amazing. Kanye is a 8 for 8. The GOAT. I love you” “kanye’s new album got that old school kanye vibe” “Say what you want about the man and his views, but the fact of the matter is that Kanye West is the greatest artist of our time and I will forever be saying this until my grave. This album is gonna be therapy for me. Thank you Ye.” Now… despite the accolade’s he’s receiving from MOST of the internet, there are a few former fans who are not impressed with YE. One twitter use wrote “first time in my life im not excited to hear a Ye album. this used to be like a fkn holiday for me…but it aint the same today. STILL feelin a way.” I hear you, girl. I hear you. We all feeling lots of ways. And yet another former fan tweeted “This album is what happens when you fuck with Trump. This is the worst Ye.” I feel like she could have been a little more blunt.
Anyway, whether you love him or hate him or like most of America, feel a little bit of both, sound off below with YOUR thoughts on Kanye’s YE and then click here to get some incredible frozen food hacks that’ll actually change your life. I’m your host Miriam Isa. Follow me on IG @Miriam_isa and on twitter @Miriamisa. And thanks so much for watching. I’ll see you next time.

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