Joey King Explains WHY It’s SCARY to Share Couple Pics on Instagram

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If you haven’t seen The Kissing Booth yet, you better hop on your Netflix tonight because Joey King and her boyfriend IRL boyfriend Jacob Elordi are absolutely adorable in this movie. So much so, that fans have really fallen in love with their relationship off screen as well.
But, according to Joey King, that’s not exactly a good thing. Because of how obsessed people have become with her relationship, she now second guesses posting couply pics with her boo.
Joey opened up to The Los Angeles Times, saying QUOTE “I guess I feel like it’s almost scary giving people what they want so much, because of how much people are obsessed with our relationship, I’m like, maybe I should keep some of that to myself.’ I go back and forth on that.”
We totally see where she’s coming from, but I hope she’ll still share a little here and there. One thing Joey definitely does not mind sharing on social media is her love for High School Musical. In a clip her friend Sabrina Carpenter posted on IG, you can see both Sabrina and Joey rocking out in a the car to the song “Stick to the status Quo.”
Joey actually commented on the video saying QUOTE “like is it ok to call ourselves iconic in this vid? Cuz im feeling like I really have a shot at playing Ryan if they remake HSM” Sabrina then responded saying “that’s funny u didn’t even give me a CHANCE to be Sharpay once the solos came in” These girls are too cute.
But right I want to turn it over to you guys. Were you surprised by Joey’s choice to not post so much with her bf? Let me know all your thoughts down below. Thanks for watching!

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