Jennifer Lopez Delivers Show-Stopping “Dinero” Performance With DJ Khaled at 2018 BBMAs

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Jenny from the block leaves us speechless following her flawless, sexy performance of her new bilingual single “Dinero” at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. And she had a little help.

Gooooals! What is she drinking?! What are her secrets?!

Jlo performed at the BBMAs and then everyone went home after because no one could top her. Ok not really but almost. Not ONLY did she perform her latest sexy hit “Dinero” which is all about the Benjamins, but she had another Bronx native, Cardi B join her, along with DJ Khaled, who started off the performance sitting on a fancy couch smoking a cigar when he calls out, “Jlo!” And that’s when the Queen capital Q appeared in all her glory.

That outfit though. 90s fly girl from the waist down, and sexy, royal goddess from the waist up. Yall I had to look up her bday during her performance. Literally googled her age while wiping the drool off my face during her show. 48! That’s all I’m gonna say. How? Como? No entiendo. Her choreo was fire. She did this flip that left us all excited to enroll in acro yoga. At one point Cardi B joined- not on stage though which was a slight bummer- but projected massively on the screen. And then in classic Jennifer Lopez style she did a diva costume change. Now NORMALLY a Jlo costume change means she goes from her tiny outfit to her tinier outfit. But she threw me for a loop when she changed into this awesome little number. PIMP! So good. Who’s performance gave you more chills- Jlo’s or Janet? They’re 4 years apart and both icons in their own right. And whatever their secrets are- exercise, gluten free, caviar face masks, whatever it is- I WANT TO KNOW. But comment below. What did you think of Jlo vs janet. Then obvi follow me on my socials @Miriam_isa. Or on Twitter @Miriamisa. Then click here for Ariana Grande’s show-opening performance of “No Tears Left to Cry.” I’m Miriam Isa. And thank you for subscribing to Clevver, unless you haven’t in which case please do so at the sound of the beep. Beeeeep!

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