IHOP Restaurant Changing Its Name To IHOB & Fans Are FREAKING Out

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IHOP announced on Twitter they’re changing their name to IHOB and well, it’s safe to say everyone is confused.

Sadly, fans will have to wait until June 11th to find out why, but don’t worry guys that hasn’t stopped us all from guessing what it means!

So what are we thinking? Breakfast, bacon, burritos, brunch?

But if you’re thinking this is just a hoax or another one of those viral internet rumors, well, think again. IHop’s official Twitter page first broke the news on Monday, writing QUOTE, “For 60 pancakin’ years, we’ve been IHOP. Now, we’re flippin’ our name to IHob. Find out what it could be on 6.11.18.”

The official Twitter account has even gone as far as to change its name and Twitter handle to IHOB, and also posted a poll asking fans what they think the “B” might stand for, and to nobody’s surprise the highest voted answer between biscuits, bacon, butternut squash and barnacles, was… BACON.

Naturally, this put OG IHOP fans into a frenzy on social media as they began taking over twitter to share their guesses, and even their dislike toward the name change. One user tweeted QUOTE, “IHOP is changing its name to IHOB and while people think it stands for “breakfast” I’m putting my money on BETRAYAL” meanwhile another Twitter user is taking a stand on the matter, writing, “This is stupid. I refuse to call it #IHOB – you literally cannot make me” Yikes! But for one group of people its always been IHOB. Wait what?

That’s right. In the Arabic alphabet there’s no letter that sounds like “p” thus the closest alternative “b” is used.

Toronto Star reporter Fatima Syed joked on Twitter, “Did an Arab person take over IHOP?” and of course, IHOP went along with this and tweeted an audio guide to, “helb you bronounce it broberly.”

So we know what you’re thinking, is this STILL really happening?

Fans are skeptical to say the least, because not only has the chain lasted for over 60 years known widely as the International House of PANCAKES, but the cost of changing close to 1,800 IHOP restaurant signs seems a tad bit expensive. While sales at IHOP are growing, with stock up 25%, changing nearly 2,000 restaurants signs AND even more menus seems like an awfully expensive move. Plus, there’s currently no trademark requests filed for IHOB. Well guys, I guess we will just have to wait until June 11th to find out…

Seems like some International House of BULLSH***** if you ask us… (see what I did there?) But I gotta hear from you guys – do you think IHop will really change its name, and if so, let me know all your thoughts and predictions down here in the comment section below and when you’re done with that, click right over here to learn all about Chipotle’s new Drive-Thru windows.. Thanks for watching and make sure you hit that subscribe button! I’m your host Sinead de Vries and I’ll see you guys soon!

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