Harry Styles Helps Fan COME OUT To Her Parents During Show

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Harry Styles made his San Jose concert a very memorable night for one fan when he helped her come out to her parents.

Harry Styles can do no wrong, and this just further proves it.

Let’s be real, any Harry Styles concert is bound to be an unforgettable night to say the least… but just this week during Harry’s San Jose stop might’ve just been a LEGITIMATE turning point in one fan’s entire life. Harry is known for his love, appreciation and support in the LGBTQ community, and on Wednesday night he managed to help a fan conquer what some may dub as the impossible.

Harry stopped in the middle of his show, after reading a sign that read, “I’m gonna come out to my parents because of you” and instead of just continuing on, this guy went all out. He then asked the fan for her mother’s name, and in true Harry fashion, yelled “TINA, SHE’S GAY!” into the microphone.

I mean seriously, how could Tina NOT be proud that her daughter got HARRY STYLES to assist? But as heartwarming as that was, it gets even better. Harry then had the crowd scream the phrase with him.

Clip: https://twitter.com/NextToYouFool/status/1017299500929617920

Plus, the fan even provided updates, and after showing her mom the video, she said in a tweet that QUOTE, “She is overjoyed and says that ‘Yes I do love you and you can be whoever you want to be’ she wants to thank Harry for helping me come out”. It’s official Harry is definitely the sweetest guy out there.

And if that wasn’t enough to make your day, later on during the show, Harry even stopped to have the crowd sing “Happy Birthday” to a pregnant fan. Okay, you can definitely count me in for his next concert.

Alright guys, what do you think, is Harry the sweetest person ever? Share all your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below. When you’re done with that click to the right to watch another new video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels! I’m Renee and I’ll see you guys next time.

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