Halsey RESPONDS to “Strangers” Video Backlash Over Lack of LGBTQ+ Theme

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In their new video for their collab “Strangers”, Halsey and Lauren face-off in a bloody boxing match, but it’s not your typical spar. Halsey, donned in all red clearly represents the devil and all things bad, while Lauren looks truly angelic in all white, supported by a team of literal angels in her corner of the ring.

At one point it looks like Lauren’s angelic character is going to come out victorious, but things quickly shift when the devil in Halsey takes a cheap shot.

In the end, Halsey takes Lauren down, but as an emotional twist at the end of the video, it’s clear that there are no winners here…

Tons of fans have PRAISED the video’s boxing match storyline and twist ending, with one writing QUOTE, “THIS IS LITERALLY THE PERFECT F**KING VIDEO! I LOVE IT AND IM SO PROUD OF BOTH OF YOU!! OMG”.

But a few others took to Twitter to express why they were NOT happy with the boxing match theme.

One fan complained QUOTE, “For me the lyrics of the song have a much more beautiful meaning and the video is based on two girls hitting…”

Another Tweeted QUOTE, “I can’t believe Halsey and Lauren played us so dirty with the strangers music video. Where’s MY GAY STORY? I’m mad.”

And one simply Tweeted QUOTE, “I wish it was gayer.”

Halsey took to Twitter herself to respond to that last Tweet and the backlash in general, replying QUOTE, “I just wanted the metaphor to apply to any kind of relationship. It was a hard situation. The song is obviously my effort towards greater representation but I didn’t want to make the clickbait sexy vid everyone wanted, cause it does no justice to the narrative of the song I wrote.”

So now I wanna hear what you guys think — are you bummed there wasn’t more of a love story between Halsey and Lauren in the video, or do you love the more ambiguous concept Halsey went with? Sound off in the comments, and then click right over her to see Shawn Mendes confirm his upcoming collab with BTS. Thanks so much for watching, and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button for more Clevver News! As always I’m your girl Vivian Fabiola and I’ll see you next time!

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