Gabi Demartino CALLS Ariana Grande Fans To Ask Why They Hate Her

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She’s not playing. Gabi Demartino hopped in a limo and decided to dial up some Ariana Grande fans and ask them why they hate her.

Like any good reporter- Gabi is going straight to the source.

Well, obviously Gabi’s not a reporter but this video is still a good lesson in PR. As many of you know, Ariana Grande fans have been throwing clouds at Gabi calling her a wannabe. It escalated when Ariana responded on Twitter to a clip of Gabi impersonating Ari’s laugh writing, “yeah this ain’t it”. Gabi has been accused of trying to look and act like Ariana for years, so naturally Arianators came for her. It got so bad that Gabi poured her sadness out on Twitter writing, “…now the whole fandom (which im apart of) is tearing me apart. My heart is being ripped out this isn’t fair.” Ariana eventually came to the rescue tweeting, “i was just being funny i knew they’d laugh at that my bad babe. It’s all love here, u know that.” The two went on to exchange tweets about clearing the air, but the hate went on. Now Gabi is confronting her haters head on.

TOSS: (7:35-7:51)

So how’d it go? Some of her haters were honest with their dislike and others revealed they don’t actually hate her…

TOSS: (8:50-8:58) cut to (10:55-11:04)

With each phone call Gabi made it clear that her intention was to find out exactly why people hate her so she can learn from this and grow. Gabi agreed with all her haters comments, and at one point even admitted that she gets why her Ariana parodies aren’t likeable.

Gabi insists that the drama with Ariana fans is the wakeup call she needed to finally become her own person. Gabi has proudly unfollowed Ari on Instagram as a way to force herself to be different. In her next video, Gabi promises to call actual fans. Do you guys believe Gabi? Is she calling Ariana fan pages for the right reasons? And do you think she’ll change? Get typing below. Then click here to watch another new video and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button. As always I’m your host Miriam Isa, and I’ll see you next time!

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