Dunkin Donuts Finally Releases Donut FRIES & MORE New Menu Items

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Dunkin Donuts is officially launching DONUT FRIES!

That’s right you guys, the donut chain is finally releasing donut fries NATION WIDE after a few months of testing them at select locations!

According to a recent press release, Dunkin’s Donut Fries are made with croissant-style doughnut dough, similar to what the chain uses to make its Croissant Donuts, which became a permanent menu item back in 2015.

The new Donut Fries are served warm and tossed in cinnamon sugar and each order comes with five sweet fries and costs $2, which for all you mathematicians out there, comes out to 40 cents per fry.

Best of all donut fries are the perfect portable snack and are a fun spin on a classic treat!

Back in april several intagram users shared pics of the exclusive innovation from dunkin donuts but to the disappointment of many, they were only available at select stores around Boston Massachusetts and Providence Rhode Island.

Well now we can all wipe away those FOMO tears because dunkins has finally added them to their menu and will be releasing them nationwide NEXT WEEK!

Starting Monday, July 2, Dunkin is bringing its take on French fries to the general public, which must mean that these babies were a huge hit in the test markets.

And that’s not all Dunkins has in store – they’re also launching two new donuts!

The first is the Chocolate Coconutty Donut which has a coconut crème filling with real flakes of coconut and is frosted with chocolate icing and sprinkled with crumbled shortbread cookie pieces!

The second is the Shark Bite Donut which is a donut covered in white icing and shark shaped sprinkles!

And finally if you’re looking for something to wash everything down – you’re in luck!

The fast food chain also announced a new flavor of cold brew called the brown sugar cold brew!

The new cold brew offers sweetness with no artificial flavors, adding naturally flavored brown sugar syrup to the brand’s energizing and refreshing Cold Brew coffee.

So if all of that wasn’t good enough to send you rushing to your Be sure to share this video and tag a friend who loves Dunkin Donuts!

But now it’s time for us to kick it over to you guys. Will you be trying dunkin’s new donut fries? Let us know in the comments below. When you’re done with that click right over here to check out starbucks’ brand summer time merch. As always We’re your hosts Naz Perez & Emile Ennis Jr, we’ll see you next time!

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