Drake’s HILARIOUS “In My Feelings” Video Brings The Challenge To New Orleans

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The Drake “In My Feelings” challenge swept the internet last month, with fans and celebs participating in the dance challenge created by a comedian named Shiggy. So we can’t blame Drake for wanting to join in on the fun with his music video for the song.

Drake opens the video — which is more like a movie clocking it at 8 minutes, with a hilarious intro in which he tries to profess his love to you guessed it, Keke — but her mom steps in and cuts Drake’s Romeo-and-Juliet act short.

After seeing that, we really wish Drake would get back into acting, because his comedic timing is just way too perfect to go to waste.

After the intro, the video kicks into high gear with an array of dancers take on “In My Feelings” all over the city of New Orleans. And Shiggy, aka: the OG creator of the challenge, made more than one appearance.

One of our favorite parts of the already iconic video, though, is when Drake “wakes up” from the music video and describes the whole “In My Feelings” challenge as one big nightmare.

And as a bonus, because Drake loves us, he added in a montage of people doing the “In My Feelings” challenge at the end, and there are almost too many celeb cameos to count. You’ll spot everyone from the Queer Eye cast, to the Stranger Things kids, to backpack kid, to Dua Lipa. Even J-Hope from BTS makes an appearance in this vid!

Ending the video on Will Smith was the perfect move, and we’re pretty sure Drake knows it.

If you need us, we’re gonna be watching this entire video on repeat for the rest of the day.

How about you guys? Are you as obsessed with the “In My Feelings” video as we are? And which celeb cameo were you most excited to see? Sound off with all your feelings and opinions in the comments below!

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