Dove Cameron LASHES OUT at Fans on Twitter Over Breakup Rumors

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Fans began to speculate there was trouble in paradise for Dove Cameron and her boyfriend Thomas Doherty after Dove tweeted something that seemed like a subtweet earlier this morning. The tweet in question simply said “personal space show” and though that’s not much to go with, many thought this was hinting at problems with Thomas.
Dove then took her frustration out on Twitter, responding to the rumors, saying QUOTE “PSA: THOMAS AND I ARE FINE. no we are not broken up yes we are still together no we are not fighting we are madly in love and better than ever please stop speculating/spreading rumors when you have absolutely no basis all smooth sailing over here thanks for checking innnnnn…not everything i post has to do with thomas. ESPECIALLY when it’s vague/negative. i wouldn’t indirect my boyfriend like that? i’m not 11? i definitely wouldn’t be sneakily hinting at issues in my relationship like hidden meaning easter-egg clues? my life isn’t a reality show? Bye”
But that’s not all… I guess there were other rumors after Dove posted a picture with Thomas on International Best friend day, and had people accusing her of friendzoning her boyfriend. Dove captioned the photo QUOTE happy international best friend day. NO I DID NOT JUST FRIEND ZONE MY BOYFRIEND YES WE ARE STILL DATING NO NOTHINGS WRONG NO WE ARE NOT FIGHTING WE ARE HAPPY AND IN LOVE AND ITS SMOOTH SAILING THANKS FOR CHECKING INNNNNNNNNNNNNNN”
As we know, earlier this month, Dove Cameron admitted that she’s not the biggest fan of social media. In a series of videos on her Instagram story, she shared how she doesn’t like how social media makes her feel. And perhaps this is why. But right now I want to turn it over to you guys. How do you feel about Dove’s tweets? Do you feel that they were uncalled for or do you get where she’s coming from? Let me know all your thoughts and feelings down in the comments below, when you’re done with that, click right over here.

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