Dippin’ Dots Cereal Is Now a Thing & Here’s Where You Can Buy It

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Dippin dots has officially been made into a breakfast CEREAL
That’s right your favorite amusement park treat just got a makeover!

Dippin’ dots are essentially little beads of frozen ice cream that pretty much served no purpose other than to be an extremely fun way to down some ice cream.
Well get excited you guys, because some geniuses at General Mills have decided to take dippin dots and turn them into a cereal – making them totally appropriate for breakfast time (not that it ever really stopped us before).

The new dippin dots cereal comes in two flavors: Cookies & Cream and Banana Split.

Each of the flavors has a cream-coated cluster resembling original Dippin’ Dots and unlike the ice cream, the cereal reportedly doesn’t get soggy when you add your milk and supposedly taste just like the original flavors!

Food blogger SnackGator wrote a pretty passionate review of both flavors, and described the cereal as a “genius invention.”
The banana split flavor is made up of three different flavors resembling dippin’ dots in strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and a special cereal cluster called the “Banana Split Flavored Cluster”.
The cookies ‘n cream cereal is made up of chocolate and cookie cream flavored clusters.

Snackgator went on to say that while they weren’t totally disappointed in the cookies n cream flavor; it didn’t necessarily live up to expectations, especially if you’re a big fan of all things cookies n cream!

You can expect to see Dippin Dots cereal hit shelves real soon but in the meantime they’re already available for purchase on walmart’s website for just $3.64 a box!

The nostalgia is real with this one you guys, because dippin dots pretty much went hand in hand with all our childhood events!

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But now we want to turn it over to you guys. Will you be trying Dippin Dots Cereal? Let us know in the comments below. When you’re done with that click right over here to check out Nickelodeon’s new SLIME KETCHUP! As always I’m your host Emile EnnisJr and Naz Perez. We’ll see you next time!

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