Demi Lovato Still Too Sick & Hospitalized To Discuss Rehab Plans

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Demi Lovato is apparently not up for the discussion of rehab just yet.

Despite her friends and family being adamant about it.

As reported yesterday, Demi Lovato is still in the hospital following her apparent overdose. According to TMZ she has been suffering from extreme nausea and a high fever, among other complications.

Well now it’s being said that she is in no condition to talk rehab. Sources have told TMZ that her friends and family have spoken privately about rehab, but have not brought up the topic around Demi quite yet.

She is still in bad shape and the doctors at Cedar Sinai Medical Center have yet to give anyone a date for her release.

Multiple sources have told TMZ that they are concerned with how Demi will react to the conversation of going to rehab. One said QUOTE, “We just don’t know where her head is at.”

She may actually be very receptive to the idea considering she has already been to a rehab facility for her problems with an eating disorder back in 2010. But this is a very sensitive subject and hopefully the support of her friends and family will help her make the right decision for her.

A longtime friend of Demi’s also revealed to PEOPLE that her sobriety for the past 6 years has been a private struggle. They said QUOTE, “Demi never wanted to be a role model. Her sobriety over the last six years was a fight every single day. After she finally got clean, her team was very hard on her and treated her like she was a kid. It’s so hard to have all these eyes on you all the time.”

And apparently over the past year she started wanting more freedom. The source continued QUOTE, “She is so young and she also has a very rebellious personality. She wasn’t drinking or using at first, but she’s even said herself that she can’t be in a [party] environment. She thought she could handle it, but it’s a very slippery slope.”

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