Demi Lovato SHOCKS Fans With Blonde Hair & Hairstylist REVEALS Why She Did It

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Demi Lovato SURPRISES Fans With New Blonde Hair & Hairstylist REVEALS Why She Did It

Demi Lovato surprised fans by posting a photo to instagram with. Totally new hair color.

Not only is Demi Lovato cool for the summer — she’s blonde for the summer, too!

We’ve grown used to Demi’s long dark locks, but yesterday the super star posted a cryptic photo to instagram Instagram seemingly indicating that SHE”S GONE BLONDE.

Her hair stylist Amber Maynard Bolt of the last seven years basically confirmed the do-over in an interview with People magazine, saying QUOTE “She had not done a change in a while and wanted something new. Usually she is open and willing to do big changes. She had her short black hair for a while and was growing it out, and when it got longer to play with, she decided to do this change.”

This did totally come as a surprise because during a Twitter Q and A just last month ,a fan asked Demi if she would consider going blonde again and she just answered “I don’t think so.”

TO add things to the minx, Last week, Demi posted a photo of herself in Italy doing the exact same pose as the one in her insta story, with the caption “Exciting things coming soon”. Was the new hair what she was talking about or is something else in the works?
In case you were curious about the process of going from jet back to caramel blonde, the hairstylist said ““We always make sure clients know that the process can take several hours and/or multiple visits. In this case, we were able to co-color Demi’s hair. I worked on the front and top while my assistant focused on the back. This makes the process go much faster and allows us to work more efficiently and cover more ground in less time.”

Needless to say, fans are loving it! One user summed up how we feel pretty well saying

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