Demi Lovato Heading to Rehab After Hospitalization?

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Although Demi is still currently recovering from her suspected drug overdose earlier this week, her family has wasted no time in making plans to get her back on the right track. In fact, according to Entertainment Tonight’s source, Demi’s loved ones are looking to check her into a rehab facility as soon as she’s ready to leave the hospital.

ET’s source explained QUOTE, “Demi is recovering and her loved ones are so incredibly thankful she has pulled through. They know how lucky she is to be alive and are relieved she’s getting another chance. Her family is going to do everything in their power to help get Demi back on track and are making plans to get her straight into rehab. She is a fighter and has beat this in the past, so they know she can live a clean and sober life again. Her mother is by her side.”

The source went on to reveal that those who were hanging around Demi during her recent party days are now nowhere to be seen. They said QUOTE, “She was not partying alone. Her family and friends, who weren’t involved, fear she’s been hanging with people who support her drug habit. It is an incredibly dangerous situation for her. She needs a clean, safe place to heal and that is their top priority. The immediate plan is to get her the help that she so desperately needs. Demi has the love and support of her family. Right now, their plan is to keep her away from those people in her life that don’t support a clean and sober future.”

As for where Demi will be going to get the treatment that she reportedly agreed to, a source told Radar Online that her family is looking to her into a rehab facility far away from Los Angeles. The source said there are too many “triggers” in LA and explained QUOTE, “She won’t be going to a rehab where she would receive a lot of attention.”

With all this talk of recovery and rehab, it makes total sense that a number of Demi’s upcoming performances are being cancelled. Earlier this week it was reported that her Atlantic City BeachFest Concert performance was nixed and now her July 29th performance alongside Jason Mraz in Canada has been cancelled as well.

Jason tweeted about the cancellation and sent well wishes to Demi. He wrote QUOTE, “Dear Friends, Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be playing in Toronto this weekend. My sincerest apologies to my fans and to the fans of Demi Lovato. We wish her good health and recovery.”

Fans who had tickets for this event will be automatically refunded.

What are your thoughts on Demi’s family looking into rehab centers outside of LA to help her recover? Leave your comments on all of this in the comment section below. When you’re done with that, click to the right to watch another new video and as always, don’t forget to subscribe to our channels! Thanks for hanging with me, I’m your girl Drew Dorsey and I’ll see ya next time.

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