Demi Lovato Fans Hold TRIBUTE Concert Where Canceled Show Was Held

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Demi Lovato fans hold a tribute concert for her where her canceled show was going to be held in Atlantic City.

This is one of the best gestures from a fandom we’ve ever seen.

Demi Lovato has canceled a number of scheduled concerts as she recovers from her recent overdose, and fans are more than supportive of that decision. Demi was originally set to perform in Atlantic City this weekend, and in place of the canceled show, fans showed up for a free tribute concert to show their support last night.


Cheat Codes, the group that collaborated with Demi on the hit, “No Promises”, took over the headlining spot for the show at the last minute. Demi’s friend and Cheat Codes DJ Matthew Russell said of the group’s decision to do the tribute gig QUOTE, “At the end of the day, anything for Demi. She had to cancel last minute and we were gonna be on the East Coast anyway.”

One fan who attended the show explained QUOTE, “A lot of us traveled a long way to come see her and even though unfortunately she can’t be here, we still want to support one another.”

It’s so great to see Lovatics coming together to show Demi some love, and if we know Demi she would love hearing that her fans are supporting each other, too.

Alright guys so what do you think of Cheat Codes taking over for Demi, and how cool is it that so many of her fans showed up to share their support for her and one another? Sound off with all your thoughts in the comments below.

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