Demi Lovato APOLOGIZES After Joking About Prank That Led to Sexual Assault

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It definitely started as a completely innocent situation. Demi hopped on Twitter after her show on Saturday night and decided to do a Q&A on Twitter with her fans. Everything was harmless with the questions ranging from things like, “are you in love” to her most overused word. It wasn’t until Demi divulged the funniest prank she’s ever pulled that things got a little awkward in the responses section. Demi detailed the prank tweeting QUOTE – “I hired a lady of the night in Vegas and sent her to Max’s hotel room to surprise him. She walked into his room without permission and grabbed him in his ‘area’ and he freaked the f-ck out hahahahaha.” When replies started rolling in of people taking offense to the story, calling it sexual assault, Demi tried to make light of the situation by tweeting – “I swear I could tweet something about craving jelly beans and it would offend someone.” Naturally this only made people more upset. Demi then deleted the tweets and issued an apology saying QUOTE – “For all of those coming at me rn, listen to the lyrics of Warrior and maybe you’ll have more compassion for someone who made a simple mistake. Of all people I know about sexual abuse. You don’t have to educate me. So sorry if anyone was offended.” A fan then replied to Demi’s apology saying – “Baby…we know you and your story.” To which Demi replied – “That’ just the thing… people DON’T know my full story….” Demi’s friend, Max, who the prank story was about came to Demi’s offense saying QUOTE – “You guys all need to ‘Grow Up’! It was a joke and a fun prank from someone whose incredible to work for and with. And does everything she can for her fans, family and friends. Love you @ddlovato.”
There was then a mixture of back and forth DemiLovatoIsOverParty hashtags mixed with WeLoveYouDemi hashtags. It’s safe to say that Demi was not trying to glorify sexual assault, but that’s why you have to be so careful with what and how you say things on the internet. Anyway, what do you guys think about this situation? Sound off in the comment section below and then click right over here to find out why Taylor fired her backup dancer. Thanks for watching Clevver Newsfeed also don’t forget to subscribe. I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.

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