Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart Get Into FLIRTY Argument on Twitter

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GIFs, sarcasm, and stan slang… Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse just got into a V flirty argument on Twitter.

Let’s just say Blake and Ryan would be proud.

Last week Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse took their private relationship super public at the Met Gala. This week they’ve taken it into troll territory on Twitter. The two got into a playful argument on social media and we are obviously here for it.

As you know, the Riverdale cast has this inside joke about who is the most “daddy”. TBD on the exact definition but basically an older person that is sexy, strong, and wise. One of the contenders for being the most “daddy” is our girl Lili. She reignited this battle on May 12th tweeting, “how do I explain to my dad why people call his daughter “daddy”…?” Now insert Cole. The next day on Mother’s Day he sent out a sarcastic tweet saying, “I cant wait to be a mommy someday”. Lili took the bait and replied to Cole with, “you’ve admitted defeat”.

Cole wasn’t about to let this faux fight go without a battle, so he steered the argument into dangerous territory. Cole replied to Lili with a dig on her follower count, “Sorry I didn’t reply quicker, your notification got a little lost down the feed”. He included a screenshot of his 8.5 million followers versus Lili’s 1.7 million followers. Something tells us Lili’s number is going to skyrocket today. And by the way, this is is a totally unfair comparison because Cole spent many years on something we like to call THE DISNEY CHANNEL. Lili then ended the Twitter beef the only way she could- with a GIF. She wrote “Whatever” paired with a clipl of Barbie flipping her hair.

I dunno about you guys but a public Twitter feud seems to us like the sign of a healthy relationship. What do you think this flirty argument means for the couple? Definitely tell us your theory on the fight below. After that’s done click here to see Kylie’s bodyguard respond to claims that he is Stormi’s father. Thanks so much for hanging out with Clevver today, I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr.

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